I've read that you shouldn't publish your rates online for a dozen reasons.
I disagree in my case. Few things frustrate me as much as seeing "Please call for pricing".
That said, don't hesitate to contact me because of the prices below. I may know someone who may be a better fit or have a solution that's more affordable than you would think.

Durring relatively normal business hours.$270/hr
Between the hours of 7pm and 7am$405/hr
Fixed day rate$2700/day
On a project or retainer basisThe good news: It's usually less per hour than listed above.
The bad news: It does depend somewhat on the nature and duration of the project.i
The worse news: I'm fully subscribed for the forseable future so availability will be severely limited until further notice.

Email me at tyler.carney@gmail.com and let's talk about how I can help. :)